Victorious Mindsets – Steve Backlund


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50 Biblical Mindsets for Dynamic Living and Powerful Ministry

The TRUTH shall make you free!

What we believe is ultimately more important than what we do. The course of our lives is set by our deepest core beliefs (mindsets). These mindsets are either a stronghold for God’s purposes or a playhouse for the enemy of our souls. In VICTORIOUS MINDSETS Steve Backlund reveals 50 biblical attitudes that are foundational for those who desire to walk in the freedom and power. Here are some of the VICTORIOUS MINDSETS we will explore in this book:

  • I don’t walk in regret
  • I can adapt well to diverse people and situations
  • If I perish, I perish
  • I encounter God by faith, not feelings
  • I do small things in a great way
  • Having done all I know to do, I stand
  • I realize that there are few normal weeks
  • It will get easier
  • I do more than expected
  • I rejoice when others are blessed
  • I lay my life down for others
  • I take the high road

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