Would you like to Host a Theologos Life Group?

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group, is a small group of students that come together once a week to watch, discuss and take part in fun group work from the content of the Theologos Ministry & Counselling Year Course.

Who can start a Life Group?

Anyone who is enrolled in the Theologos Ministry & Counselling Year Course.

What will you need to start?

To host your Life Group, you will need the following:

  • A suitable room
  • A TV/Laptop/Desktop PC/Phone with a steady Internet Connection to stream the course video from

You can take turns on hosting the class at each participants home or in different locations of your choosing.

What will the participants need?

All participants need to be enrolled in either the Theologos Ministry & Counselling Year Course or the Single Sections (Spirit Dynamic Life, Character Restoration, Dominion & Freedom, Health & Healing, Family & Marriage Dynamics, Practical Ministry or Vision & Leadership) that they want to attend with the group.

Each course only qualifies 1 person for a certificate, everyone who watches with the main member needs to enroll in the Theologos Certificate Year Tests Section to be able to complete the work and qualify for their own certificate. (The Tests Section is specifically created for couples & groups who do the course together)