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Sarel and Thiesa are part of the apostolic kingdom reformation in Africa and are called by God to be a prophetic voice in South Africa and beyond. Both Sarel and Thiesa are called to bring the Church of Jesus Christ back to its original position and purpose and lead it according to God’s original plan for His Church, as well as uncover false religion and tradition. They are also called to develop a model of a local congregation with a network of Churches that will replicate and reflect the ‘House of the Father’; this house must be an example of God the Father’s Household on earth.

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We are the leading school for Ministry & Counselling with worldwide reach and course availability.

Our Mission


We aim to train and educate lay councellors, trauma counsellors, community leaders, religious leaders and humanitarian workers to help and facilitate healing to those who suffer from trauma and/or emotional pain.

Our Visions


We want to see all people have the ability to affect change in their communities and families, to help them bring healing to the broken and defeated, to equip you to be the change needed to bring Kingdom Heaven down to earth.

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Sarel S van der Merwe
Thiesa van der Merwe
Stefan van der Merwe
General Manager
Marlise van der Merwe
Head of Finances
Ankia Mans
Head Administrator

What Students Say



Come with great expectancy!

So I actually want to share a really awesome testimony. Yesterday I went to a Health and Healing seminar at Oasis (Theologos school of Ministry) and God literally healed my back completely so that there’s no pain or anything anymore but it was so awesome because my one arm was about 5/6cm longer than my other arm and God gave me the choice if I want my short arm to be longer or my long arm to be shorter so I asked him to make my long arm shorter (for purpose of long sleeve shirts) and I literally witnessed as they prayed how my arm shrank before my eyes until they were in perfect length with each other. I could feel physically how God realigned my back into His perfect healing and it was absolutely incredible the Kingdom of God is so close and He wants us to access it everyday

Michelle Barker

Theologos Student

Amazing Course!

Die was 'n harde en lang pad, maar soveel dankbaarheid, soveel groei en genesing..... Baie dankie vir die geleentheid Dr Sarel Van Der Merwe vir die veranderinge in ons gesin met al jou wyshede, kennis en leiding deur leiding in die Gees. Ek mag vandag trots wees op my man!

Leonard & Cindy Janse van Rensburg

Theologos Student