Joyful Surrender – Rolland & Heidi Baker


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Stop trying to live in your own strength and learn total dependence on Jesus

Jesus was tested in the wilderness before He was launched into His ministry. He had fasted for 40 days and was physically weak, but passed the test and emerged in the power of the Spirit.

We too have wilderness seasons in our lives ? times when we feel isolated and vulnerable. Such times are testing for us too, but this is where the comparison ends.

Often the passage in Matthew Chapter 4 is used to teach believers a set of rules or principles they can follow to avoid the trap of temptation ? but surely this is missing the point.

The point of the wilderness is not to be confident in what we can do for ourselves ? it reminds us that we can be supremely confident in what Christ has done for us.

As we find a deeper understanding of the truth that life is not about us, it?s all about Him, we discover the power and freedom of surrender ? joyful surrender!

This 40-day devotional will take you on a journey to a place of greater dependence on Jesus. You will learn?

  • Simple, childlike freedom and obedience
  • To trust His leading
  • To spend time in the secret place of His presence
  • The fearless love that is the greatest expression of the Gospel

Be brave. Let the fire of God?s love burn brightly in you, through joyful surrender.

Rolland & Heidi Baker?are the founders and directors of IRIS Global and have been missionaries for almost 40 years. They took a deliberate decision to associate themselves with the world?s poorest. After many years of ministry in Mozambique, they travel internationally teaching others about the simple power of the Gospel.

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