How Heaven Invades Earth – Kris Vallotton


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  • How Does Heaven Invade Earth in a Way that Earth Becomes Like Heaven?

    In one of the darkest epochs in history, Jesus Christ had the audacity to teach His followers a prayer so shocking that it continues to defy human reason. Jesus turned to His tattered brigade of spiritual warriors and said, “Pray that My Father’s kingdom would come and His will would be done on Earth, just as it is in Heaven.”Are these words a wish upon a star, a too-good-to-be-true mantra created to make suffering people feel a little better? Did Jesus intend His prayer to be prayed by untold billions but only be answered for a few in some distant eternity? What does the Lord’s Prayer, given by Jesus two millennia ago, have to do with our present-day world? Is it possible that the words Jesus taught us to pray can answer these and other pressing questions?

    Is our world eroding or evolving?
    Is global warming the beginning of the end?
    Will evil triumph over good?
    Are we hurtling toward obliteration?
    Or is there more reason to hope than ever before?

    How Heaven Invades Earth unearths the mysteries of the Lord’s Prayer to give you answers and prepares the Church for a revolution that will transform every realm of society.

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