8 Keys to Kingdom Resources – Shawn Bolz


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We build civilization with vision which comes from God, and we are here to govern the kingdom’s expansion. We have to become a people of great resources if we are to reach the 7+ billion people on earth, and God is ready to invest in you to make it happen.

Do you need heaven’s financial resources to see everything God has promised come to fruition? God created economics and resources to work best within the wisdom of his governing principles, and he will spare no expense at giving Jesus his reward through you. Use the foundational keys in this book to:

Value love’s expression through finance,
Bring your life into alignment with heaven’s economic strategy and perspective,
Gather the resources you need to fulfill your destiny, and
Further the kingdom and shape the world.

Finances and resources help us to father the world back into God’s heart. Let’s do this already!

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