Honoring our Women – Danny Silk


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” . . . and I will put enmity between you and the woman.” Genesis 3:15. There is a strategy, an evil plan, to keep women dis-empowered for as long as possible. All the Devil needs for his scheme to work is the assistance of man. But, once Christian men realize that the women are fully redeemed, fully powerful and complete partners with males in Christ, the curse will be broken and women will have an opportunity to live as ‘new creatures’ on this earth.

Jesus brought redemption and reconciliation full circle when He poured out His Spirit on ALL flesh on the day of Pentecost. The Bible is clearly pointing out the heart of our Father in Acts 2:4 ” . . . and they were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit . . .” It was and very much still is the destiny of EVERY Believer to find the place of restoration that Adam and Eve knew before the fall. The Apostle Paul placed everyone on an even playing field when he tells the Galatians (3:28) “There is neither Greek nor Jew, slave nor free, male nor female for we are ALL one in Christ.”

This series will strengthen your resolve to find this place of living powerfully in the Church and the Kingdom. Men and women alike must realize that the time has come for both genders to serve powerfully – together. We must build a righteous inheritance for our sons and daughters and give them momentum in it as well.

DISC 1: The Traditions of Men DISC 2: Honor our Women DISC 3: Neither Greek Nor Jew DISC 4: The Day of At One-Ment DISC 5: The Wind Chimes of Heaven

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