As in the Days of Noah – David Powell


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As in the Days of Noah carries a strong prophetic message to the Body of Christ – a now message for our day, our time. It expresses the heart cry of a movement God is raising up across the world, who carry this prophetic DNA – a passion to answer the call of Heaven to do what Jesus did whilst on the earth. It is the call of the Father to an end time generation. There is emerging a wave of believers totally sold out to Christ: unwavering in their commitment to extend His Kingdom; willing to pay the price to play even a small part in what He is doing. Like Noah, they will live totally free from the constraints of religion and legalism because of their intimate, face-to-face love relationship with Jesus. This book contains a prophetic ‘roadmap’ for this emerging generation. Full of revelatory insight, it will provide the missing pieces of the puzzle for all who have sensed God working in a new way in this present season, but still have many questions. Above all, it will inspire you to see what God can do through a fully yielded life and equip you for dynamic Kingdom service.

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