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This product is for students who have bought the Theologos Year physical material and would like to complete their section tests and book quizzes to receive their Theologos Counselling and Ministry Year Certificate. As well as for couples who have bought the full year course/single courses who also want to complete the work for the certificate (with the full course/single courses you receive 1 set of tests for completion and only one certificate will be issued, this package needs to be bought for each person watching together who wants to qualify for the certificate).

Please note that this product only contains the Section tests with their accompanying Book Quizzes. No video or manual material is included here. This product is only applicable to Theologos 1st year material bought from the year 2014.

The course works in the following order:

  • Spirit Dynamic Life
  • Character Restoration
  • Dominion & Freedom
  • Health & Healing
  • Family & Marriage Dynamics
  • Practical Ministry
  • Vision & Leadership