Unbound – Jack Frost


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Believe and trust in love again!
Unbound weaves an uplifting tale of two people who begin their journey held captive by the strongholds and thought patterns that had prevented them from loving each other, their families, and the Father.?Their pain begins to outweigh their shame until they seek for help, finding healing for their lives, their family, and for literally thousands of people around the world.?Share the true story of how Jack and Trisha Frost apply God?s unconditional love to their lives and it forever changes them and their family.
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?Understand why we experience pain in order to develop a character that causes us to live moral lives. ?Become more than you can imagine you could ever be. ?Uncover the old habit patterns of thinking, that have become strongholds in your life and alienate you from intimacy first with Him and then with those you love.

Choose to take a chance to find your destiny through new challenges and discover what it means to live a life?unbound?from life?s entanglements.

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