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The following page contains the descriptions of the Reformation series and all it’s sections:

Pray through the Tabernacle
After all, that’s been said about the Tabernacle, let us discover and examine it as one of the most powerful models for effective prayer. This is not the only model of prayer and prayer does not need to be boxed into a model. This model is simply a guideline to discover what we have and how to approach the presence of God. Mature sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit and outgrow models and live in the freedom of the guidance of Holy Spirit. The prayer of a mature son of God will be spontaneous and directed by Holy Spirit. But young Christians must start with guidelines to eventually end up in a place of freedom. Any method or guideline is just an aid to maturity. It’s the model Jesus taught His disciples on how to pray, which we also use to teach our students and disciples.
Your prayer life will improve drastically when you use this model for prayer, and you’ll become very intimate with Father God. It is an effective way to teach any Church or new disciples to pray.

Church Reformation
The Kingdom of God does not need a Reformation, but the church does. The Kingdom of God is divinely governed by heaven and it is the manifestation of God’s presence on earth. The church, which consists of people, needs an ongoing reformation to become like God’s heavenly blueprint. Although the Kingdom of God does not need a reformation, the Kingdom must come in a more visible way in all its glory and this must be displayed by obedient sons and daughters of the Father.

Personal Reformation
I believe that the model of the Tabernacle is one of the best Biblical models for New Testament Discipleship and for Comprehensive Counselling, it’s an excellent model for Church Growth and an awesome pattern for Worship!
The image of the Tabernacle of Moses, the Temple of God is an allegory, a type and shadow of the presence of God as experienced in heaven. It explains the unique New Testament process of personal and church life reformation in Christ, during our sojourn here on earth. The Tabernacle is Jesus, the LORD and CHRIST of our lives.
The Tabernacle model is also used as the basis and foundation of our journey of growth to maturity in Christ and how we are now being positioned in this life with Jesus, at the right hand of the Father.

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