Living in an Apostolic Age – Danny Silk


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Global revival is spreading fast. The earth has never been so consumed in the glory and power of God.

And yet many Christian environments are not experiencing the lasting effects of heaven touching earth. How can God pour out His Spirit in such great measure and have the majority of the church carry on with ‘business as usual’? This series, Living in an Apostolic Age, will explain how internal governmental shifts are what bring about the necessary changes that accommodate the gospel of power, healing and deliverance.

Apostles and prophets are the foundations of the church. The mistake we’ve made is in removing these foundations from the Body of Christ and replacing them with pastors and teachers.

The result is a lack of supernatural activity pouring into the cities through the church. Today, that is changing and cities are now feeling the presence of God and His power because of these governmental shifts.

Each of these messages develops the processes needed for change and brings clarity to the role apostles play in the church and world today.

Disc 1: Living in an Apostolic Age
Disc 2: The Spirit of Adoption: The Role of Apostles

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