Kingdom Tools for Teaching – Janine Mason


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“If you’ve been looking for how to create a godly revolution around you in the classroom, then you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. This book isn’t a way to subversively have devotions or church in the classroom. In these pages you will find a template to show students freedom, love, joy, righteousness, hope and power.”

Danny Silk – best-selling author of Keep Your Love On and Culture of Honor


The Creator of the universe has His eye on the education systems of the world and, in particular, YOUR classroom. He longs to have His Presence expressed in every school, influencing faculty and students alike.

Kingdom Tools for Teaching brings both inspiration and practical tools to empower and activate you in bringing the Kingdom of God to ANY classroom. This is not a manual. This is the testimony of our breakthroughs and the tools that came from them. It is our heart to share these tools to inspire you to find your own and to adapt ours for your own classroom and school. We invite you to join us on a journey of stepping out of the mundane and into an adventure with Him that will shape students lives, the course of education and maybe even history itself.

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