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The culture of honor is the relational culture of heaven, and God wants that culture to manifest among His people on earth as it is in heaven. Why? Because it is the relational vessel that will sustain revival, making way for reformation and social transformation.
In Honor and Power, Thierry and Monique Juvet call the body of Christ to align their hearts and lives with the priority of honor. Using biblical teaching, personal testimonies, and wisdom born of years of serving the body of Christ in the area of relationships, they demonstrate that the church makes way for the kingdom of God to advance in the earth through the pursuit of the culture of honor.

Thierry and Monique Juvet take us on a journey encouraging us to live a life full of joy, free from comparison, and void of fear. In their book Honor and Power, they encourage us to step into our own identity, engulfed in the goodness of God. As they daily partner with Holy Spirit, they endeavor to demonstrate their insightful discovery. Many years in ministry and extensive training in counseling have provided them with unlimited opportunities to practice what they have learned and freely give everything they have experienced. Thierry and Monique invite you to join them on their personal journey of discovery as their heavenly Father reveals the secret to lasting peace and contentment.
Danny Silk has long been recognized as a much sought-after author and international speaker. He is gifted with the ability to stir up in others the desire for healthy relationships that provide an environment of love, safety to take risks, and room to grow. Danny helps us see God?s value in all human beings regardless of age, positioning in their family, or station in life. He offers valuable tools enabling us to encourage others to become all they were created to be.
Dr. Heidi Baker, founder, and CEO of Iris Global

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