I can change the shape of my world – Wilfred Kent


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Waldo the Weatherman was called so because he lived outside in all kinds of weather. No one knew his name, who he was or where he came from. In heat of summer and frigid winters he was never seen outside his full length sheep-skin overcoat. He lived in the local garbage dump. One day the Royal Canadian Mounted Police found him stuff and horizontal. He had frozen to death in the subzero cold. When the morgue prepared his remains for burial they discovered why he had never taken off his overcoat. Pinned to the lining they found ninety thousand dollars in cash. That was a substantial fortune in the economy of 1940. He could have lived like a nobleman. He could have shaped the thoughts and life-styles of many. He could have influenced government and politics and made a significant contribution to society. But he chooses to live as a vagrant and die as a bum in a garbage dump.Pinned inside of each reader is the potential of the universe. Your possibilities are numerous and the opportunities are endless. The wealth and potential centered within each individual are enormous. Very few however, find their true potential. They rather choose to take that wealth and wrap themselves in a cloche of self-pity, fear, apprehension, self-centeredness and bitterness. They choose to live among the discarded junk of failure, the rubbish of abandoned hopes, the shards of broken dreams and fractured relationships. If you find yourself struggling to make your life significant, this book is for you. Dr. Kent was a grade eight dropout. His teacher told the class that he was ?the dumbest grade five students she ever had!? He believed her professional assessment. Why then try if the only result will be failure? So he failed grades five and seven and dropped out of school in grade eight. Was he a failure? Not at all! He may have failed but he learned that he was not a failure. When he discovered the potential within himself, he became a successful person. Today he holds three earned doctorates and lectures in many countries seeking to bring out best in ones potential.

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